The Land That I Spied Out For Them

“In that day I did lift up my hand to them, to bring them forth from the land of Egypt, unto a land that I spied out for them, flowing with milk and honey, a beauty it is to all the lands”

(Ezekiel 20:6 Young Version)

In the morning of a sunny day I was meditating in my beloved God who gifted me this delightful and beautiful day, I heard Him whispering in my ears with this verse and making evident to me with this phrase “I spied out the land for them.” In my ignorance I was like Joseph.  When Joseph wanted to correct the sitting of his father Jacob’s hands on his sons Ephraim and Manasseh’ heads he wanted to bless them. Joseph thought his father was mistaken (Gen 48: 13-20).

In a hurry, with my ignorance I quickly said, “It isn’t like this, my God.” Because of my limited knowledge I thought that Moses is the one who sent 12 men to spy on the land (Num 13:2). For a moment I thought I should know more than this.  As I read in book of Joshua I saw that Joshua sent two men to spy on Jericho before the nation Israel crossed the Jordan (Jas 2:1).

Then my beloved God in His inexpressible wisdom with the same comfort and quietness and peace answered me saying, “I know my son what you say.”  I used this in my dialogue with Him, always. Then He continued, “And this true because this exactly what I told you in my book. But what you don’t know is; before Moses and Joshua sent men to spy the land and come back with news of this land that my people will dwell in it. Even before I took Abraham out of his land and tribe” (Gen 12:1) I was the one who spied the whole land and searched everywhere to choose the best land to inhabit for my beloved people whom so precious to my heart.

He opened His arms and pressed me in His bosom with tender worm fatherly love and said, “You too my beloved son whom for you I didn’t spare My own Son but delivered Him for you (Rom 8:32).”   How I don’t spy every place to inhabit you the best land and how I don’t search everything to give you the best thing?”

I open my eyes, not from a sleep, but from the meeting with the Groom of my soul whom I was comforted in His bosom. He is the one who gives me the spiritual insight to know surely that my beloved God is the One who always and in everything.

“Spy the land for me”